No need to set up your own office in the local market, we can act on behalf of your company and execute your sales policy. Our service can help you in :

    1. having a good partner with loyalty who cares about your interest in the local market in the shortest term.
    2. entering to the local market in a quick way and with support from our network and relation in the industry.
    3. avoiding huge investment in the beginning of the business either on the human resources nor on the facilities. The risk will be limited as much as possible.
    4. providing a complete and flexible business platform with the possibility in the invoicing and logistics solution.

SINOLINK has professional experiences and keeps relation with the following industries:

Automotive and spare parts, Mobile phone, Electrical construction, Industrial GAS, Connectors, Precision mechanical parts, Plastic products, Metal products, Furniture and accessories, Surface finishing, etc.

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